Text Box: Arian Software Group  2002-2006

Arian software flexible instrument direct to your need


Arian Software is a Finite Element Method simulation modeling program designed to analyze deflection field and stress distributions caused by assumed loading and Displacement Boundary conditions in a body which specially has application in mechanical Engineering . Finite Element Method simulation modeling also has too many applications in other branches of science where the mathematical modeling cause a differential equations & must be solved over a geometry in all of these cases Finite Element Method Solving needed , to response to this need Arian Software group ready to specialize this software for any specific needs & design it for any applied requirements which is needed it also wanted to design the micro platform which enter differential equations directly in desired format and so its been solved over specific geometry and boundary condition by user purpose so that this software is like a platform of solving every knowledge by Finite Element Method Solving . Generally this software is developed in Elasticity Heat transfer Thermoelasticity Plasticity large deformation area branches and ready to solve composite & F.G.M. problems with specialize software or micro capabilities.