Text Box: Arian Software group in the path of accessibility to a modern & revolutionary method has taken required action in solution of plastic problems in large deformation area which as a result of three years research succeeded to implement a modern method in solving these issues. Then for easy conformity of analysis results for a new method with a powerful competent software like ABAQUS 6.4, has taken required action for a completely graphical software F.E.M. called Arian so by implementing the said method & various solutions in the shortest time period, is able to evaluate and compare responses obtained from for the customized and discussed software in this field like ABAQUS. 
Pursuant to this letter we want to attract you kind attention to some important points of this software.
Geometry modeling section of this software is able to import mesh files from catia v11, ABAQUS 6.4 on direct basis and to import files of Solid work, Autocad through ABAQUS 6.4 therefore it is able to make complicated models which is difficult with compiled techniques in software environments like catia and Autocad.
In comparison carried out it became apparent that the new method having more accuracy in comparison to the traditional methods because to reach to similar accuracies, the ABAQUS elements were more in comparison to Arian (Approximately two times) which result to decrease CPU TIME in case of analysis with equal elements needs more accuracy.
one of the most important capabilities of this software which result from its new theory (in opposite of traditional methods like incremental technique) to solve large deformation problems without remeshing due to nature of its theory which is stable on the change of stiffness properties and is not affiliated to the mid stage and there is no needs to remesh because always works with initial sharp mesh which result to sever decrease in CPU TIME and limitation occurred due to this difficulty (remesh) in plasticity and large deformation area. This theory base on its new methods has ability to solve crash automobiles deep drawing & other branch of metal forming like forging drawing bending but because of various requirements of these branches we need sponsors to guide this base program as a platform for specific design & F.E.M. solver for other knowledge which is needed.

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