Text Box: Arian Software Group  2002-2006

Arian software face to feature , design abilities in to the new branches of  F.E.M. software programming base on analytical numerical methods &  development in F.E.M. software for metal forming & crash analysis

To analyzing F.E.M. crash analysis so that impact F.E.M. analysis with large deformation plasticity is under construction .

Analytical numerical methods like Reilly & Ritz method will provide analytical solution for industrial problems interpolation & ...

In general form solution applies and make ability to solve by entering mathematical equations for every knowledge for F.E.M. solution .

In fracture mechanics it is developed to avoid projectional loading error in crack analysis without singularity and errors ...

High strain area F.E.M. analysis in large deformation area up to 80% is under construction .

Crash analysis for automobiles

Weight function method in fracture mechanics

General form Micro programming

analytical Energy methods approach analysis

Deep drawing analysis

Project List