Text Box: Arian Software Group  2002-2006

Arian group is an organized scientific group wants to make enhanced accessibility to F.E.M. analysis

About Us

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E-mail: vazirinia_nersesian@yahoo.com

Arian software group is a non government organization consists of competent persons with M.S. degree or higher in Mechanical Engineering Applied Mechanics or other related branches which  their purpose is to produce a platform software which has a user friendly approach to solve Finite Element Method simulation modeling for every knowledge   and every enhanced use in industry without engaging its theory discussions . In the path of accessibility to this goal it provides enhanced connection to grate software for geometry modeling like Catia 5R11 , Abaqus 6.4 , Autocad 2000  & Solid work … & specialize software for special needs with micro abilities to develop platform for every geometry modeling it also has a new method of analysis in plasticity large deformation area which reduce the number of elements in comparison with traditional methods like load incremental ,time incremental…. & in result cpu time reduces & it doesn't need remeshing cause to its new method so that its ready to use in crash analysis.

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